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Ferdinand Gjana, Lecturing to Students of the University of Prizren - 04.07.2013

During his visit at the University of Prizren, Rector of the “Hëna e Plotë” (Bedër) University, Dr. Ferdinand Gjana had a conversation with the students of this university.

 He spoke to students about the importance of maximum commitment during their studies in order that, after the graduation to meet the targets set by everyone. Dr.Gjana addressed to the students stating that "You must be aware that the success you achieve in your studies, will be an important contribution not only for you personally and your families, but also to society and to the new state of Kosovo. For this reason I encourage you to give your maximum during your studies".

 Using the opportunities offered by cooperation between universities, by students, was another topic of discussion between Dr. Gjana and students. He invited students to become part of the exchange programs applied between “Hëna e Plotë” (Bedër) University and the University of Prizren.