Member Counts : 34
Created on : 2013
Activity Counts : 3

The Message of Life Club


- “Message of Life” club has been estabilished from the students of the department of Islamic Sciences, aiming to minister to every individual.

- “Message of Life” club was set up in order to support vital messages as far as possible, which everybody has necessity of.

-With all its activities, this club aims to present one more time humanity in at its best format, which until now has been ignored.

- Our intention is to stay beside this pure simplicity, in order to point out the values and virtues of human beings.


  • Aorel Senja – Chairman
  • Samet Vata – Vice-chairman
  • Ramazan Fetahu – Draftskeeper
  • Mikel Hazizolli – Accountant
  • Veton Tulla – Councilor


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