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JENBU, source of information about Islam - 18.12.2013

The students of the Islamic Sciences near Bedër University, presented on 18th of December 2013, the online webpage JENBU.ORG, a webpage totally dedicated to information about Islamic religion.

During this activity the vice-chairman and at the same time the director of media at Albanian Muslim Community Mr. Agron Hoxha was present.

In his greeting speech vice-chairman Shehi, congratulated the students of Bedër University for this initiative, because, as he emphasized, nowadays more than ever people are in need of religious literature.

He attributed Jenbu as an important window, where everybody could find the desired information about Islam.

The objective of Jenbu is transmitting the Islamic message to the Albanians all over the world, and to become a source of answers about their questions.

The meaning of Jenbu

Jenbu means source. When we mention the source the first thing that comes in our minds is water, which itself is a source of every creature, so water represents life. The little sources during time become rivers and after that, oceans. Jenbu means a source from which truth is learned.

In order to give life to a creature water is needed. This, in the material aspect, whereas spiritually man can only be revived with Islam.

Islam is an universal religion, which mostly is dedicated to man`s moral values. Jenbu is going to present Islam from its main sources, Quran and Prophet`s tradition (p.b.u.h).